Shuttle bus station “C” at Maihama station

Where is bus stop c? route guide

Hi! Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort.
I live near Maihama station.
I often see people who are lost at the station.
If you read this article, you will no longer get lost.


Target Hotels

  • Hilton Tokyo Bay TDR Official Hotels
  • Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel TDR Official Hotels
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay TDR Official Hotels
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel TDR Official Hotels
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort TDR Official Hotels
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel First Resort (Ex- Sunroute Plaza Tokyo) TDR Official Hotels
  • Hotel Mystays Maihama
  • Hotel Mystays Shin Urayasu Conference Center
  • Hotel Flexstay INN Shinurayasu
  • SPA & Hotel Eurasia Maihama
  • Hotel Eurasia Maihama Annex

Route Guide

To bus stop C
  • STEP1
    Get off the platform by escalator
  • STEP2
    Exit from the south exit

    The south exit is the ticket gate on the Disney Resort side.
    It’s wider than the North Exit! Don’t make a mistake.

  • STEP3
    Go down the stairs on the right
    I took it at night because it was crowded in the morning.
  • STEP4
    Walk the bus roundabout along the roof
    Walk along the arrow. Go through the taxi rank on the way.
  • STEP5
    Arrived at bus stop C
    This bus is a Disney Resort Cruiser for Disney Official Hotels.
    Advice for boarding

    No ticket is required to board the bus.

    There is no line at this bus stop.
    Because there are buses that stop at various hotels such as Hilton, and most of the people waiting here are those who use this bus for the first time.

    If you want to sit down, go to the bus as soon as you come and stop!
    (It’s not good before the bus stops, it may be annoying and you may get hurt)

    Buses to MyStays, Flex Inn and Eurasia stop at some other pillars.
    MyStays, Flex Inn and Eurasia are not official hotels.
    Therefore, the bus is not a Disney Resort Cruiser.

Bus Timetable

Bus Schedule
From left to right
Sheraton / Okura / Hilton / Tokyo Bay / First Resort / Club Resort

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

Have a nice trip! 🙂

Where is bus stop c? route guide